Sep 22, 2011 at 08:37 PM
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X-Factor Gets Official Wireless Partner

Verizon will be the official wireless partner of the X Factor, which premiered last night and continues tonight on Fox. The New Jersey-based wireless carrier will becoming the presenting sponsor of The Xtra Factor App for smartphones and other mobile devices including tablets. The free App will give customers access to exclusive content and features available only to Verizon Wireless customers. Verizon Wireless customers will also have the chance to vote for contestants from within the smartphone App during the voting window directly following the live performance shows throughout the fall.

The Xtra Factor App presented by Verizon will give smartphone users the opportunity to watch exclusive, live, behind-the-scenes streaming video during the shows and vote on their favorite contestant using the App.

"Verizon's mobile technology lets customers watch TV in entirely new ways," said John Harrobin, vice president, marketing at Verizon Wireless. "The Xtra Factor App will be a companion screen to the TV broadcast and give our customers a front row seat to the hottest show of the fall."

"I think it's fantastic that Verizon is giving everyone a chance to watch what's going on backstage on The Xtra Factor App and to stay connected with the show and each other," said Simon Cowell. "I'm looking forward to reading everyone's comments!"

"We are very excited to be partnering with Verizon Wireless on THE X FACTOR," said Jean Rossi, president of FOX One and executive vice president of sales for FOX. "The collaborative nature of Verizon Wireless will give us the opportunity to unleash innovative entertainment beyond an organic integration, and their technological expertise will elevate THE X FACTOR consumer experience across multiple screens."

Despite debuting with lower than expected ratings, X Factor delivered a sizable audience for sponsors on its first night. According to sponsorship measurement firm, Front Row Analytics, Pepsi received over $6,500,000 in media exposure from media such as product consumption, cups on the judges table and vending machines, while Chevrolet accrued more than $440,000 as a result of having the judges arrive to the building in Chevy Tahoes.

The Xtra Factor App will be available in the Android Market and iTunes Store with basic features, including video-on-demand and tweeting from within the App to wireless customers with a compatible device. In addition to video content, all fans with the App will be able to participate as the Verizon Fifth Judge during the live performance show. #dealstag