Feb 11, 2013 at 09:20 PM
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Yahoo Sells All of Its Burning Love Sponsorship Inventory To A Single Ad Agency

For the first time, Yahoo has sold all of the partnership inventory around an original program to a single ad agency. PHD, which manages such brands as Foot Locker, Safeway, and Lord & Taylor, cut the deal today for season 2 and 3 of Yahoo's Bachelor spoof, “"Burning Love."

However, PHD is not only the exclusive sponsor of the original web series “Burning Love,” but rather the deal will allow the agency to integrate multiple brands -- the firm's clients -- into various points within the show.

Could the deal represent a new bundled way of selling digital original programming to agencies and in the process give bigger agencies more leverage to negotiate favorable for their clients? Yahoo's blog announced the sponsorship by saying that "producing top-quality original videos is a key part of our master plan to keep Yahoo! first and foremost among the daily habits of Web users, and to connect advertisers with the audiences that build their businesses." Yahoo produces more than 50 original video programs a month so plenty of room for more deals like this.

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