Oct 16, 2009 at 05:24 PM
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VW Plays Both Sides of WC Qualies

Last weekend when the German national soccer team laced up and beat Russia to qualify for the World Cup, at least one company couldn't lose. The Russian Team's title sponsor was German auto manufacturer, Volkswagen.

According to Russia Today, the automaker ratcheted up hype around the game by placing a sign in the center of Moscow leading up to the event saying "WE SUPPORT RUSSIA ON OCTOBER 10."

In a volatile global economy, more companies are diversifying business across different regions throughout the world. This case brings up an interesting question for mutli-nationals, should marketing loyalties lie with HQ or reside in each of a companies disparate regions.

VW found a fun PR angle in playing both sides. Look for more companies to use sponsorship as a way to not only rally and unify human capital around a common event internally, but also showcase the global reach of their commercial endeavors externally.

source: partnershipactivation.com, Russia Today