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Let me say that I use this site on a daily basis and it’s great to see how it has evolved. It is SUCH a useful tool for me!

If it's prospecting season, I'm on SponsorPitch. Highly recommended for sponsorship sales guys.

The beauty of SponsorPitch is its ability to bring together people from both sides of the equation, in real-time, by offering relevant information and feedback. I highly recommend it.

Just discovered - how did I not know about this until now?!?!? #toolsyouneedtodoyourjob

It's like making connections at a conference without the cost of a flight and hotel.

Properties need more sharing channels such as PartnershipActivation and SponsorPitch.

Thank you for existing! I truly enjoy the networking opportunities and shared information. I don't know how I ever survived without SponsorPitch.

I’m on SponsorPitch at least once a day to catch-up on the latest sponsorship news and keep my finger on the pulse of the industry.

The sponsorship marketers one-stop-shop for industry news, job postings, professional networking, and real-time research and contacts...and not just for the sports biz.

I have been a satisfied member since early 2011 and have recommended SponsorPitch to others on more than one occasion.

If you're looking to secure content sponsorship, online or off, SponsorPitch will give you a running start and help you navigate the path towards success.

An exceptionally ambitious project, SponsorPitch was quite literally an answer to my prayers, and has been an invaluable tool in helping me launch my nonprofit’s first capital campaign.

Wanted to say "thank you!" Recently, I applied for a position I found through SponsorPitch's jobs board and today I started my new job with that company! Thanks again!

Love this site.. knowing exactly who to contact saves me a ton of time.

Absolutely love the SponsorPitch platform. Lots of good information I have seen and shared with our different agency teams.

If you work in sponsorships, SponsorPitch is a great resource for information, trends, and tactics, as well as for connecting with other people in the industry.

I work for an entertainment and experiential marketing agency and I have found this website incredibly useful. Please keep up the great work!

THANKS so much for your help in getting the word out about SeaWorld's sponsorship agency search. We received numerous qualified responses directly as a result of posting our RFP on SponsorPitch.

SponsorPitch provides an unmatched breadth of sponsorship and industry updates, making it one of the first few websites I visit upon getting to the office.

Into #sportsbiz and #sponsorship? Then @SponsorPitch is a must follow.

SponsorPitch is the first website I check when I get to the office every day. There's no other database like this.

I’ve subscribed to other sponsorship resource services and nothing beats SponsorPitch! It’s so well organized with great content that I’ve used to secure new sponsor dollars. I love this site!

SponsorPitch is fantastic. You capture the majority of items in the sponsorship marketplace .. and in near real-time.

I had to go through SO much research just to get the numbers for my current sponsorships, this seriously cuts SO much work. Thank you for creating SponsorPitch.

As someone who works in the sports marketing and sponsorship industry, SponsorPitch is a daily resource for me.

SponsorPitch is quickly becoming one of the go-to sites for sponsorship information sharing on the web… I believe that this will be a very effective tool for folks on the sales side of our industry.

Sponsorpitch is a valuable tool for the Northwoods League as we look to add more league wide partners. I check the site throughout the day to find the most up to the minute sponsorship information via the tips and news feature.

Looking at this site every morning before I get the day started!

We have been very happy with your service thus far!

SO GRATEFUL for the awesome customer service.

I'm a huge fan of SponsorPitch and we continue to use it to aid us in sponsorship acquisition. SponsorPitch has helped us get in contact with a number of companies that have expressed significant interest and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

When it comes to researching sponsorship, SponsorPitch is a must-have resource.

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Thanks for providing a great service.

SponsorPitch gives me all of the sponsorship updates and information I need to appropriately engage the right contacts.

I visit SponsorPitch daily to find out about the latest sponsorship deals and would recommend it to others in the industry.

I check daily for company sponsorship activity and news and would recommend it to others.

We use SponsorPitch daily. What a great tool for the sponsorship industry!

I love SponsorPitch -- great company. Tons of sponsorship news and contacts to generate new ideas!

I check SponsorPitch daily and find the sponsorship news feed and ability to search sponsor history the most useful features on the platform.

SponsorPitch is the best tool for one-stop information on industry news, deals, trends, daily tips and brand contacts in the industry. If you work in sponsorships, SponsorPitch is a “must use” website. Using SponsorPitch has been a game changer for our sponsorship sales team!

SponsorPitch has completely changed the way I go about my day…it is a one stop shop that provides you with up to date contact info and relevant sponsorship info to set you up for success. helps us cut through some of the research required to get the right brand and people to the table. You all are killing it!

SponsorPitch provides a nice, new way of seeing up and coming potential sponsors.

SponsorPitch provides me with instant access to info about potential sponsors.

Congratulations on what you've built and grown with SponsorPitch. How I've never used it in my previous roles is beyond me, as you have developed one incredible machine. Keep up the great work!

I’ve been a SponsorPitch customer for over a year. You guys have a great product and exceptional customer service!

I followed and reached out to 30 companies, which I identified using your filters. By the end of that same day, I received responses to my outreach and set-up 3 calls with sponsors. A successful afternoon on SponsorPitch!

I just got another sponsor yesterday. Found the client on Monday searching beer category, sold yesterday. This system has paid for itself a thousand times over!

I am on SponsorPitch at least once a day and it has been a great source for prospecting. Being able to see the latest sponsorship deals, as well as putting together a target list in a specific market has led to sales!

The usage of data is prominent at Monumental, providing credence to our decision-making process especially as it relates to corporate partnerships.

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